Jagran Tv presents you a very new segment of Web stories, this segment is visual treat with picture stories and facts summed up into slides. Web stories is a creation of picture story of diverse genres, fields and industries. With authentic information and some interesting facts about places, celebrities, events, movies, health, hygiene making it engaging and user friendly for the audience. It is a visually rich concept with tap through features. Jagran TV Web stories will cover everything from entertainment and lifestyle, tips and tricks for life, a close peep into the lives of famous personalities from Bollywood, Hollywood,Tollywood Politics, Bhojpuri Cinema.

The content of this segment will answer about who, where, when and what with visual representation and brief information. For entertainment section, the style and interesting facts about celebrities and movies , some hidden truths about them with amazing facts will be just at your thumb tap. Web stories will also provide some interesting step by step processes of recipes, yoga asanas, DIY creations and ideas that are helpful and resourceful. This will be a go to segment for travellers too, as we will provide the best places to visit and interesting facts about cities and eateries around the globe. Keeping in mind the rich heritage and culture of India, we will try to explore all the states with all of their good and bad.

Also diving into the style and fashion industry, we will deliver the amazing trends and designer stories for fashion lovers. Also, relatable real life content, daily experiences and news features will also be a big part of this segment.With diversity in content and ideas, web stories will be a fun engagement with maximum information in minimum words and pictures.
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