10 Beautiful Rivers to Get an Amazing Rafting Experience in India

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-05-23,10:28:09 education

Indus River

Nothing can be more adventurous then river rafting in Indus river- known as ‘Singhe Khababs’ or ‘Out of the Lion’s Mouth’.

Beas River

Sail down the Beas River, where the rapids offer thrill-seekers an exciting break.

Yamuna River

Yamuna is a hub of river rafting in India, which is suitable for both amateur and skilled rafters.

River Ganga

Rafting on the Ganga can be enjoyed at Rishikesh which is nestled in Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand.

Tons River

Tons is the tributary of River Yamuna and is considered to be one of the most challenging places for river rafting.

Kameng River

At Kameng, the thrill never stops as the impulsive river has the capacity to excite one to the point of extreme exhaustion with each passing km.

Lohit River

his lesser known river is one of the most interesting rivers for water sports like river rafting and kayaking in India.

Barapole River

he Barapole River that crosses through Coorg is an ideal place for river rafting in India amidst the beutiful mountains.

Kundalika River

Monsoon is the perfect timing to go for rafting in Kundalika, Maharashtra when the river is flowing in full force.

Brahmaputra River Rafting

The rafting expedition makes one well aware of the life, culture, and tradition of Arunachal Pradesh.

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