10 Great Civil Servants of India And Their Contributions

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-04-21,09:13:49 education

VR Lakshminarayanan- IPS

He was the one who arrested Indira Gandhi, during the time of Emergency and had exceptional knowledge in criminal law.

Ajit Doval- National Security Advisor/ Retd IPS

The surgical strike in 2016 and the Balakot airstrike in 2019 happened under his supervision.

S.R. Sankaran- IAS

He is known for his efforts in abolishing the Bonded labour Act and Land Distribution Act.

Noronha- Chief Civil Administrator (ICS)

He has played a key role in encountering communalism and corruption in MP.

Anna Rajam Malhotra- Ist Woman IAS

She has been a great help in working for the electric reforms in Hosur and computerised ports in Mumbai.

Kiran Bedi- IPS

She known for bringing proper nutrition, sanitation, and drug treatment programs to the prisoners.

Sivakami- IAS

Sivakami is an Indian writer, Feminist, and former IAS officer who is a part of the Dalit Land Rights Movement.

Sagayam- IAS

He is an anti-corruptionist and has declined bribes from politicians. He was transferred over 20 times in his service.

C.B. Muthamma- Ist Women IFS

She worked tremendously not only in India bust in places such as Asia, Africa, and Europe.

K.Subramanyam- IAS

He is responsible role in shaping the Indian Defense and Security Policies.

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