11 best Mandela Effects Examples; From Pikachu to Kitkat

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava education

Jif and Jiffy

People vouch that there was a Jiffy peanut butter, not Jif available back then. Many believe that Jiffy and the rival brand Skippy could be confused by consumers.


Looney Toons and Looney Tunes

Yes, the spelling of the cartoon is Tunes, even if it makes essentially no sense as most of us remember it being toons.


George’s Tails

As per the makers it was never there, they never made it while making the character. Well, this is a major setback for 90’s kids who believed they saw the tail.


Sex in the city vs Sex and the city

If you are those who are vouching for the first one then sorry because it never existed it’s actually Sex and the city.


Sketchers and Skechers

Even though autocorrect omits sketchers into skechers no one is ready to believe that T was never there in the word.


Pikachu’s tail

This one is the most argued and left fans divided but most of us or shall we say 80% of the viewers believed they saw the black mark in Pikachu’s tail which was never there.


Kit Kat or Kit-Kat

You're not alone if you've just undergone an identity crisis over the fact that Kit and Kat don't have a hyphen between them.


Oreo and the Stuff oh no Stuff

Maybe we just didn't realise that the Double Stuf Oreo box doesn't truly have a second ‘f’ Now don’t come after us.


Mona Lisa

There are so many theories surrounding this one, but so many individuals have asserted that she once smiled more visibly.

Luke Im your father

Luke I’m your father that’s it this was the line yes? We remember the dialogue then why the makers claim it’s No i am your father.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Your childhood will be ruined if we tell you that it’s actually a Magic mirror on the wall. Our’s got too.

What is Mandela effect? Have you ever experienced it?