9 Dynamite Life Lessons by the Mastermind Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte Death Anniversary

Napoleon is still remembered for his strategic brilliance and his dominance of Europe as a French Emperor

Use deception to your advantage

One of the most notable features of Napoleon was to think strategically and surprise his enemies.

Speed in Decision Making

He recognized that the ability to move quickly and decisively was essential to achieving victory on the battlefield.


Napoleon’s greatest strengths as a strategist was his ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Be bold and decisive

He believed in taking risks and acting quickly, even if it meant going against convention.

Understand your enemy

Before going into battle, Napoleon always took the time to study his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Utilize your resources effectively

He also made effective use of artillery and other weapons, using them to devastating effect.

Plan for the long term

He always had a long-term plan in mind, and he would carefully consider the consequences of his actions.

Lead from the front

Napoleon was not afraid to take the initiative and frequently put his life in danger for the good of his army.

Don’t let failures define you

He planned all kinds of outcomes and always expected plans not to go his way.

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