Battle of Kannauj: The Defeat of Humayun by Sher Shah Suri

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Battle of Kannauj Date

The Battle of Kannauj was fought on 17th May 1540 at Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh India.

Who Fought the Battle?

It was a battle between Afghan Shershah Suri and the Mughal ruler Humayun.

Battle of Chausa

It was the 2nd battle between both of them as they have involved in the Battle of Chausa one year before this war.

Inefficiency of the Mughal Ruler

Humayun made many mistakes in this battle and also failed to manage his Army and artilleries.

A terrible Defeat

Consequently, Humayun lost the Battle, left the battleground and ran away.

Victory of Sher Shah

Shershah Suri got the 2nd victory over Humayun and became a powerful ruler of Delhi and Agra.

Another Name

Many sources also describe the Battle of Kannauj as The Battle of Bilgram.

Stagnation of Mughal Empire

The Battle of Kannauj also ended the Mughal Empire for a while.


After facing a big defeat in The Battle of Kannauj, Humayun exiled for next the 15 years of his life.

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