8 Last Minute Preparation Tips for Cracking CUET Exam in Ist Attempt

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-05-18,14:57:38 education

Do not start something new

This is not the right moment to introduce a new topic or recommend a new book as it can create a lot of confusion in aspirants mind.

Take a look at performance

Candidates should analyse how well they manage their time while giving mock tests.

Mental and physical health

At any point in their CUET preparation, they must not panic and if need be then they must talk to someone about their fears and insecurities.


It is recommended that candidates practice sample papers, previous year questions, etc. as much as possible.

Adopt 30/ 70 rule

30% of time should be spent in grasping concepts while the remaining 70% should be invested in practising questions.

Work on your weak areas

Candidates should create a plan with a list of topics/ units and categorise them as per their strong and weak segments.

Revisit the CUET 2023 exam pattern

This will help them in understanding the structure and format clearly.

Art of managing time

Candidates should monitor their time to assess whether they are taking too long, going too quickly or on schedule.

Take proper rest & sleep

Candidates should take at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily and eat a balanced diet. This would keep the mind focused and the body rested.

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