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₹ 10 – Sun temple, Konark

In Odisha, Konark Temple is a World Heritage Site. This temple's construction serves as a time marker


₹ 20 – Ellora caves

The Ellora caves are in the Maharashtra city of Aurangabad. The World Heritage-listed Ellora caves contain historical Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain cultural artifacts


₹ 50 – Hampi

One of Karnataka's historic World Heritage sites is Hampi. The ancient Vijaynagar empire's capital was there


₹ 100 – Rani ki vav

In Patan, Gujarat, there is a World Heritage site called Rani ki Vav. The stepwell known as Rani ki Vav descends gradually down a number of steps from the ground level to the deep well


₹ 200 – Sanchi Stupa

The location of this World Heritage site is Madhya Pradesh. This stupa is renowned for its unique design that depicts the stories from Buddha's life


₹ 500 – Red fort

Delhi, the capital of India, is home to Red Fort, another World Heritage site. The Indian prime minister raises the flag on Independence Day atop the Red Fort's Lahore Gate


₹ 2000 – Mangalyaan

The ISRO launched the Mars orbiter mission known as Mangalyaan on November 5, 2013. For all Indians, it was a moment of pride


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