Unusual Ruins which Reflect Unique Heritage of India

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The archaeological remains of Sisupalgarh (also known as Sisupalagada) is considered one of the largest and best preserved ancient fortifications in India.

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The Great Wall of India (wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort)

The second-longest continuous wall on the planet. It is often referred to as Kumbhalgarh Wall or simply as Kumbhalgarh Fort as a whole.


Shahi Qila

The architecture of this qila is a domed structure with minarets is said to have been an architectural inspiration for the Taj Mahal.

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Bijay Mandal

Away from the everyday bustle of New Delhi lie the intriguing remains of a 14th-century fort and palace. Bijay Mandal is a remnant of Jahanpanah.

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Ranthambore Fort

A colossal citadel founded in 944 by the Chauhan Rajputs is one of the most unique architectures to be found in India.

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Alamparai Fort

Built In The mid-18th century on the site of a seaport active since ancient times, Alamparai Fort lies on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu.

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Masrur Temple

Intricately carved from one single piece of sandstone, almost nothing is known about the Masrur Temples located in Himachal Pradesh.

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Bateshwar Temple Complex

Little is known about their construction, as once this empire fell, the temples too disappeared from the history books and revived by Britishers.

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