How to Become a Youtube Influencer and Earn Money?

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar

Who is Youtube Influencer?

A YouTuber is someone who make videos in a certain area of interest and built a lot of followers on the site.

Develop your identity and Find Your Interest

First, you must decide your niche. Finding your area of interest and producing content in that area is the first step. Eg Fashion, Movie Reviews etc

Built Identity for Your YT Channel

Your YouTube channel will stand out more if it has a catchy name and an eye-catching logo.

Optimize your channel

Study how YouTube works and learn the best keywords for your videos. This will help attract viewers.

Plan your content

Start uploading videos only after you have taken your time to plan your content. Eg Duration of your videos, audience preference etc.

Publish your YT Channel and Post Regularly

Select a regular posting day and time. It is usually helpful to schedule the planned material to ensure consistency.

Engage With Audiences on Other Social Media Platforms

It's beneficial to direct your Twitter or Instagram followers and other online platforms to your YouTube video.

Monitor YouTube Analytics

You can improve your content by analysing your YouTube analytics, which can provide you with important insights.

How can you Earn Money Through Youtube in India?

It is estimated that YouTube pays between ₹0.23 and ₹0.39 per view on average. Anywhere between ₹6 – ₹80 per thousand views.

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