Hybrid Eclipse: The Rarest Solar Eclipse Phenomena

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-04-19,14:34:09 education

Hybrid Solar Eclipse on 20 April

The Solar Eclipse will occur on April 20 as the Sun, Moon, and Earth align together.

What is Hybrid Solar Eclipse?

The mix of Annular Solar Eclipse and Total solar Eclipse is called the Hybrid Solar Eclipse, during which sun forms a ring shape.

What is Total Solar Eclipse?

The moon totally blocks out the sun for a few minutes, leading to a period of darkness.

What is Annular Solar Eclipse?

The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, but it will be too far from the Earth for a total solar eclipse.

Which Places Will Witness?

It will be visible in some parts of South/East Asia, Australia, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

Rare Celestial Event

Since the Earth’s surface is curved, sometimes an eclipse can shift between annular and total as the Moon’s shadow moves across the globe, known as Annular Hybrid Eclipse.

Visibility in India

The rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India.

How to watch it LIVE?

YouTube channels like TimeAndDate.com will livestream at 9:30 pm EDT on April 19.

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