Maharana Amar Singh: The Forgotten Ruler of Mewar

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Amar Singh I

Amar Singh was proud son of valourous Maharana Pratap and queen of Mewar, Ajabde Punwar

Eternal Mewar

Sisodia Rajputs Dynasty

He was the 16th Rana of Mewar dynasty of Sisodia Rajputs and ruler of Mewar from January 19, 1597  His capital was in Udaipur


Coronation of Amar Singh

After the sudden demise of Maharana Pratap, he took the throne with great responsibility and resolved to continue the war against Mughals

Maharana Pratap - The Bravest of the Brave

Son of Mewar

Amar Singh was generous and courageous, and known for his justice and charity


Battle of Dewair

The Battle of Dewair was very significant which showcases the military strength of Prince Amar Singh


Revival of Mewar

Against all odds, Amar Singh decimated the large armies of Mahabat Khan, Abdullah Khan in 1611, Jahangir and other invaders



He showed great valour against the Mughals due to which he was given the title 'Chakraveer'.

History and Chronicles -


Amar Singh died on 26 January 1620 at Udaipur and was succeeded by his eldest son Karan Singh II

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