Battle of Haldighati: Maharana Pratap’s Tale of Bravery and Courage

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Who was Maharana Pratap?

Pratap Singh was born on May 9, 1540, in Kumbhalgarh to Rana Uday Singh ll and Rani Jeevant Kanwar.

Battle of Haldighati

The epic battle of Haldighati took place on the 18th of June 1576. The war took place between the extraordinary Rajput leader Maharana Pratap and Man Singh, general of Akbar.

Backdrop of the Battle

Akbar had already conquered Delhi and Punjab. He wanted to conquer Mewar as well. Even after lot of persuasion, Maharana Pratap refused Akbar’s demand which led to the battle.

An Ideal Location for Battle

Maharana chose the Haldighati pass because it had hills and mountains, also a lot of bushes and trees to provide the necessary cover to his army.

Army Size of Mewar and Mughals

As per the Mewari accounts the Haldighati battle was fought between 20,000 strong Mewari army versus 80,000 Mughal men.

Maharana Pratap Indomitable Army

Although the army of Maharana had no firearms, no allies and his cavalry was lesser than Akbar, still he fought till his last breath on his horse Chetak.

Who won Haldighati war?

Even though the Mughals won, it was a lost fight that had no gains. Even with all of their political and military power, they were unable to capture the brave Maharana Pratap.

Aftermath of the Battle

Akbar launched three more expeditions to drive Rana Pratap out of his mountain hideouts, but they all failed.

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