Monumental Inventions by Issac Newton

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Newton's Orbital Cannon/ Gravitational Law

First published in 1687, Newton's law of universal gravitation theorized that all particles exert a gravitational force.

Laying Down the Three Laws of Motion

1. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction 2. force = mass x acceleration 3. An object will remain at rest or moving in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force.

The Philosopher's Stone

Philosopher's Stone was essentially a man-made stone or elixir capable of bestowing universal transmutation.

Father of Calculus

He called calculus as the scientific description of the generation of motion and magnitudes.

Newton and the Refraction of Light

Newton proposed that particles of a medium produce attractive forces.

Newton and the Reflecting Telescope

Newton proposed the use of reflecting mirrors rather than refracting lenses and later his research was used to make Reflecting Telescope.

Newtonian Apocalypse

In 1704, Isaac Newton Predicts the World Will End in 2060.

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