Nur Jahan: The Most Powerful Queen in the History of Mughal Empire

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Nur Jahan and Jahangir Wedding

On 25 May 1611, The Mughal ruler Jahangir married Mahrunnisa, later named Nur Jahan.

Nur Jahan’s Two Marriages

She married a Persian soldier, Sher Afgan and after his death, Jahangir proposed to her. Nur Jahan became his 12th legal wife.

Possession of Great physical strength

She went hunting with her husband. She was interested in hunting tigers, killing four at a time with six bullets.

A Women of Strong Willpower

She was well educated, straightforward, strong-minded woman. Nur Jahan slowly gained ascendancy over Jahangir.

An influential Figure

Nur Jahan became the more influential woman in the court of the Mughals and even dominate the decisions made by Jahangir.

Controlled Mughal Administration

For nearly fifteen years, the administration of the Mughal runs under her reigns.

A powerful Queen

Before every document or order receives legal validity, Nur Jahan looks into the charges keenly.

Legacy of Nur Jahan

In her final days, she composed Persian poems under the title of Makhfi, which means ‘Hidden One’ and died on December 17, 1645.

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