The Battle of Karnal: Massacre and Decline of Mughal Empire

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Nader Shah- The Persian Ruler

Shah had asked the Mughal-era rulers of northern India to hand over the fugitive Afghan chieftains to him. The Mughals disregarded this, and Shah started the war

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Powerful Ruler

One of the most powerful kings in Iranian history, Nadir Shah Afshar established the Afsharid dynasty and later defeated the Mughal army at Karnal.

Decline of Mughal Empire

Muhammad Shah was the Mughal Emperor at that time. The previously powerful Mughal Empire experienced a quick fall during his reign.


Nader Shah Invasion

Nader Shah, first invaded Mughal through Kandahar and later Lahore was also captured. Upon hearing of the advancing Persian army, Muhammad Shah marched his forces out of Delhi


The Battle of Karnal

About 120 kilometres north of Delhi, the Mughal army arrived in Karnal (in the modern Indian state of Haryana). The two sides engaged in combat in Karnal on February 24

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In a single day of combat, Nader Shah's small army destroyed the Mughal army. and his forces caused havoc. Several of their senior officers were either killed or captured.


British Expanded its Colony

The Mughal Empire was already in decline when Nader Shah's disastrous assault occurred. it made the British East India Company aware of the Mughal Empire's weaknesses.


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