Fastest Trains in India- Duronto Express to Vande Bharat

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-03-14,14:06:20 education

Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Express recorded a maximum speed of 180kmph

Gatimaan Express

The 2nd fastest train in India is the Gatimaan express which runs at a speed of 160 km/hr

Rajdhani Mumbai-Delhi Express

The train can attain a speed of 140 km/hr

Rajdhani New Delhi-Howrah Express

Thr train attains a maximum speed of 135 km/hr

Shatabdi Express

One of the oldest train of India that runs at a speed of 150km/hr

Duronto Express

Howrah Duronto Express is one of the fastest express trains with only a single halt runs at a speed of 130km/hr

Tejas Express

The high-velocity, fully air-conditioned train is designed to a hit a maximum speed of 200kmph

Garib Rath Express

Bandra Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express has a maximum speed of 130kmph, and takes one hour and 15 minutes longer than the Rajdhani

Humsafar Express

It has a speed of 160km/hr

Janshatabdi Express

The maximum permissible speed of this train is 130 km/hr

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