Uranus: First Planet Discovered With A Telescope

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Discovery of Uranus' Rings

Astronomers aboard a jet carrier named Kuiper Airborne Observatory, made the discovery of Uranus' rings on 10 March 1977.

First Planet Discovered In The Modern Age

The 7th planet from the Sun was discovered in 1781, it expanded the known limits of our solar system

William Herschel

The man who is credited with discovery of Uranus is the astronomer and musician William Herschel

Herschel’s Telescopes

The key component of Herschel’s reflecting telescope is the mirror which gathers light from distant celestial objects which helped to discover Uranus

A New Planet

It was concluded from its movement that Uranus was a planet, and can't be a star or comet because of its closeness to Earth.

How Uranus was Named?

The planet was named Uranus, the Greek god of the sky, as suggested by Johann Bode.

Coldest planet in the Solar System

Uranus is orbiting at a distance of 2.88 billion km from Sun

Uranus has 27 moons

At present, astronomers have confirmed the existence of 27 natural satellites on the planet

Can be seen with Naked Eye

You might be surprised to find out that a telescope is not necessary to observe Uranus. Uranus is just within the range of brightness that the human eye can detect at magnitude 5.3.

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