10 Adorable moments of Sid-Kiara & Vickat from KWK7

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Even though the actress wasn't physically on the couch, there were plenty of Sid-Kiara overtones there, which fans couldn’t stop gushing about

It’s official Y’all

Fans have been gushing over everything, from Kiara contacting Sidharth during the Hey Karan it's me section to Karan Johar playing tapes of Kiara playfully ducking relationship questions.

Never seen Sidharth blushing so hard?

Well, here it is, fans noted down how the Shershaah actor couldn’t stop blushing when the tape was playing.

Sid-Kiara the lovebirds

Sidharth struggled badly to deny that he was manifesting his marriage to Kiara on the Koffee sofa when Karan made fun of him and asked if he was

Hey Karan It’s me

Vicky contacted Kiara on purpose to tease Sid, and after learning that Sid is having no network she called him herself.


Vicky, meanwhile, raved about his wife Katrina and stated that getting married had brought luck into his life. He also said that he had never anticipated marrying Katrina Kaif.

Your accent is so hot

Vicky and Sidharth pulled out their best Punjabi accents as they took part in the popular game Your accent is so hot say it again.

Now who is single?

Karan - DP, Alia, Kat, an actress you wish was still single ? ,Sid - well I am just happy that Kiara is single


We had a major meltdown when Katrina addressed Vicky as baby

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