Blackpink Lisa beauty secrets & her go to makeup looks

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Less is more

Lisa prefers to wear light makeup on her face rather than heavy makeup because she believes that a delicate blush, bold lip tint, and good eye makeup can make you feel whole.

Lisa go to makeup looks

Lisa's go-to makeup look consists of a single foundation with decent coverage, intense black eyeliner, pink lipstick, and bronzer.

Red Lipstick for Escape

Lisa feels that wearing red lipstick might help you achieve quick glam when you are running late. A red lipstick quickly pops up your lips and gives you more boldness.

Bling is a game changer

You can steal the show with simple make-up and hairstyles with a dash of sparkle. Well, sparkling nails or gleaming bracelets can work aptly.

Perfect eye wings

Lisa's signature style includes a classic wing or flawless cat eye. A proper eyelining will define your eyes irrespective of the shape.

The glass skin routine

K-pop idols care a lot about their skin and thereby never misses a step whether it is double masking, night routine, CTM method, steamin or more.

Lisa hair tips

Lisa often gives her fan a perfect hair inspiration, although she rarely gets over her bangs, the idols also never shies away from experimenting with hair extensions to add a bit of drama.

Lisa’s unshakable bangs

Her budge-proof bangs during the song of 'Ddu du, ddu' drew a lot of attention; later, the stylist said that blow drying your bangs is the key to getting a budge-proof bangs that also enhances look


It's a style in which you wear the same colour on your eyes, lips, and even cheeks. Lisa often can often be seen rocking light pink lips, a little blush and the same shade palette on her eyes.

Sparkly eyes

From BTS Jimin to Balckpink Lisa the idols swears by their sparkly eye makeup which boosts their persona on stage

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