10 K-pop idols & K-drama actors going for military enlistment in 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-09-06,12:45:55 entertainment

Song Kang

After basking in the success of Nevertheless, Navillera and Love Alarm K-drama heartthrob Song Kang will leave to serve for the military in 2022

Nam Joo Hyuk

Another K-drama heartthrob who rose to fame with Twenty Five Twenty one is set to enlist in the military this year

Kang Tae Oh

The Extraordinary Woo actor Lee Jun Hoo aka Kang tae Oh made a lot of headlines for his upcoming project but sadly he has no option other than to leave

Jin Young

GOT 7 Jinyoung who is both a successful actor and leading K-pop idol will be missed for the next one and a half years on screen.


Exo’s Kai is yet another K-pop idol who is a 94 liner. Kai recently dropped his hit ‘Peaches’

Winner’s Yoon

Kang Seung Yoon, better known by his stage name Yoon, made his debut as the band's leader and lead vocalist is also a 1994 born.


Jin will be required to serve in the military if no decisions about BTS military enlistment is taken soon.

Exo Sehun

Oh Sehun, a fellow EXO member of Kai's, serves as the group's visual and maknae. He raps, sings, and dances, although he views dancing as his strongest skill.

Kim Woo Seok

Kim Woo Seok recently appeared in Rookie Cops and Military Prosecutor Doberman will surely be missed after he leaves to serve in the military.

Kim Min Kyu

Kim Min Kyu, who achieved enormous fame this past year for his portrayal of Cha Sung Hoon in ‘A Business Proposal,’ will have to join the military.

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