Underrated K-drama which deserves to be on top

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment


While many know Moon Ga Young from true beauty, the actress actually won hearts while playing the second lead in temptation, the revenge turned love plot is just incredible.


Coffee Prince

Those who watched Guardian might know Gong Yoo well, but if you still haven’t watched this series you are missing a masterpiece. Apart from it’s refreshing story it reflects on a unique relationship.


Rain or Shine

2 survivors of a building collapse cross paths after losing family members, often referred to as 'between the lovers'


Suspicious partner

You are missing a lot of romantic moments if you haven't watched it yet. A story of a prosecutor & his intern who becomes a prime suspect for the murder of her ex boyfriend.


Run On

Netflix recently gave us many binge watching Korean contents, but in the run this drama was left out, the love story between the popular sprinter & a creative artist. We bet you will not regret it.


When the weather is fine

Looking for something peaceful & soothing here it is. After becoming bored of the city, a young cellist returns to her hometown, where she meets the owner of the bookstore & her life starts changing.


Uncontrollably fond

2 childhood friends get separated due to unforeseen circumstances. Years later, when one becomes an actor and other a documentary producer, fate brings them together.


So I married an anti fan

You might be missing an amazing chemistry between the leads, & trust the reviews all those who accidentally started watching the series, fell in love with it.


You know Song kang from Nevertheless, we tell you to watch Navillera, making you believe how versatile he actually is & can pull the entire story without a love angle.


She would never know

Song-ah and Hyun-seung both work at a cosmetics marketing firm, and the two gradually become closer as coworkers. The story is bit slow but soft and relaxing


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