K-dramas releasing in April 2023

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-03-28,09:57:26

Paper Moon

Yoo Yi Hwa accepts a contract job at a bank, but it turns her life upside down when she embezzles cash from important clients. Releasing on April 10


Queenmaker is an upcoming political drama on Netflix to release shortly on April 14

Doctor Cha

Releasing on April 15, Doctor Cha is a Medical Drama and focuses a housewife who resumes her career in medical after a long gap

Decoy Part 2

Releasing on April 7, Decoy Part 2 is a second season of Decoy and continues where it left the season 1, hunting an evil con artist

Stealer: The treasure keeper

Joo Won is a thief who partners up with a team called Karma and helps them recover the stolen assets and punish those who escapes law

Bo Ra! Deborah

Bo Ra! Deborah is an upcoming rom-com and focuses on a multitasker who is a dating coach, an author and social media influencer but fails miserably in her own dating life, releasing April12

Dr. Romantic 3

Dr. Romantic 3 is the highest anticipated medical drama in April, the third season of Dr. Romantic brings back the trio of Han Suk-kyu, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Lee Sung-kyung. April 28

Queen of the Mask

Queen of the Mask releasing on April 24, unveils the story of 4 friend who gets involved in a murder and put all the blame on the 4th friend, having no choice left she flee to US

Kil Bok Soon

Releasing on Netflix on 29th March 2023 Kil Bok Soon revolves around a hitman who on a last mission struggle finding a balance between her profession and personal relationship with daughter

The Good Bad mother

Releasing on April 26, A prosecutor with a cold attitude concentrates on his work and distances himself from his

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