Romantic K-dramas for your Monsoon binge list

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Woori The virgin

This show offers an intriguing plot, a passionate love triangle, and a unique story. The show has been adapted from popular American drama ‘Jane the virgin’.

Romance is the bonus book

The presence of Lee Jong Suk can instantly heat up the romance drama in the show. If you are looking for a more mature story this is for you.

Her private life

An art curator who is secretly obsessed over a K-pop idol keeps her secret life as a fangirl hidden until a new CEO joins the company & things start changing dramatically.

Business Proposal

What’s wrong with secretary Kim comes additionally,because monsoon rain and office romance genres go quite well. Both of the K-dramas are netflix showstoppers.

Love Rain

The sweet tale of a first love will make you feel emotions. It has a romantic undertone and a very retro and nostalgic atmosphere because it starts in a background from the 1970s.

Twenty five twenty one

This monsoon, the Netflix smash series Twenty Five Twenty One is the ideal blend of a passionate love tale, stubborn essence, naïve to mature relationships, and relatable content.

Hometown cha cha cha

If you are looking for a comfort drama this is quite a match. Taking you out from the hustle of Seoul, the K-drama will take you to a soothing environment with a refreshing love story.


Want to feel butterflies in the stomach? Song Kang and Han So Hee chemistry was one of the most loved on Netflix, never knew a K-drama screaming with Red flag would do wonders.

Tale of the nine tailed

A mystical fantasy play. In order to look for the reincarnation of his true love, a nine-tailed fox resigns from his post as the mountain's protector and embarks a new mission

Something in the rain

After three years of working abroad, a single career woman's closest friend's younger brother reunites with her, and their initial attempts to reconnect develop into a romance.

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