BTS V acing the gender neutral clothing & brands like a boss

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Kim Taehyung

The South Korean Visual & member of the biggest boy Band BTS, Kim Taehyung is yet another soaring name in the fashion world who not only took risk but also aced gender neutral clothing game.


Tweed jacket

Tae’s 2019 MAMA awards tweed jacket from Chanel was an eye catcher.


Fendi dress

The most talked shirt styled dress during BTS home performance wore by him was actually designed for women which was to be worn along with a waist belt.

Street wear

V’s street style fashion is indeed everyone’s closet top desire. But, the way he wasn’t afraid to style the combo of skirt & leggings was just so bold of him


Flare Pants

The dynamite era will always be remembered due to many reasons, and one of those is probably Taehyung’s green flare pants which made bell bottom make a huge comeback.



While lace is typically associated with women, Tae looked pure angelic in a white shirt with a high necked lace undershirt underneath.


Boy with Luv

Although the entire Boy with luv era was decked up in pink, Taehyung iconic Jacquemus Bahia dress was a showstopper


Love Yourself..answer era

Men have never been pushed to try clothing or display their feminine side. However, fashion icons such as Billy Porter, Harry Styles, Kim Taehyung have dabbled in to make a statement.


Shirt with frill

During a 2020 Spring day & boy with luv performance, V was spotted wearing an overlay Chiffon amber yellow shirt from Acne studios women.


Chanel Cardigan

V has worn Chanel's women's line several times. This pearl-encrusted cardigan was yet another masterpiece.


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