BTS V airport fashion in luxury brands

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Starting from recent

Check out his beige overcoat with slight tousled hair combined up with light beige pants looking absolute dapper

Gucci boy

Well Gucci got it’s biggest brand ambassador & die heart fan in one. Those slides & medium sized bowling bags are just made for him.

Self designed

We are still not over this look & don’t know when we will. His self designed bag was sold out in a blink as soon as the pre order sales opened up.

All Black

Still one of the best airport fashions in history, the time when Kim Taehyung rocked an all black look.

Classy taehyung

Currently swooning over his sleek bag to his tie and sweater vest combo with those messy hair & beautiful eyes.

Scarf it right

Never knew a scarf would increase this outfit rating 10 times up, Taehyung & his impeccable fashion choices.

Louis Vuitton

LV probably made the best decision to cast BTS as their global brand ambassador, just look at that fit who won’t fall for him?

Ceo kim

Tell us what’s better than watching him ace the role of CEO in a k-drama?


That’s a wholesome artistic vibe, check out his scattered pant with that soft sweater melting us inside.


No, but Chanel too should get a chance to get included in his airport fashion

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