10 times Karan Johar was obsessing over Alia Bhatt in Koffee with karan 7

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-09-15,10:38:56 entertainment

Koffee with Karan 7

With 10 episodes of Koffee With Karan we found Alia Bhatt omnipresence in each and every episode thanks to Kjo he always finds a way out.

Episode 1 Alia and Ranveer

Ranveer who? Because our Brahmastra lady took all the highlights of the show, from Karan getting into the details of her marriage to Alia’s couch manifestation, that was all it.

Episode 2 Sara and Janhvi

Alia has to be there so she made it 12 times in a row, couch manifestation saga returned in every way possible & Karan just can’t stop naming Alia in every sentence.

Episode 3 Akshay & Samantha

Karan deliberately spoke about the ormax survey where Samantha ranked only so he can bring that Alia ranked 2 and then say you beat ‘Alia Bhatt’ how does that feel?

Episode 7 Kriti and Tiger

We have all seen the viral clip where Karan asks Kriti if she finds Alia Bhatt as competition to which Kriti replies ‘It inspires, it drives me to do better’. Karan- Like Gangubai?

Episode 10 Katrina, Ishan & Siddhant

Karan ultimately brought up the Alia-Ranbir marriage model and also brought up Alia's opinions on Suhaag raat out of nowhere in the conversation.

Alia Bhatt in random convo

‘It's widely believed that Alia is the best actor in the nation. Is there acceptance at your level, or are you also motivated to get there on your own?'

Vijay Deverakonda-Ananya Panday

An actor who is married to a top actress and whose favourite number is eight was the topic of Johar's question. Ranbir Kapoor was the answer. Notably, the couple's preferred number is 8

Kiara Advani-Shahid Kapoor

Johar praised Advani and said that she, Bhatt, and Kartik Aaryan were the only people to lately pass the box office litmus test.

The manifestation

Other than mentioning Alia Bhatt what Kjo cannot stop was the continuous mentioning of Couch manifestation for Alia & Vicky marrying Ranbir & Katrina which irritated the netizens a lot.

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