Pamper your ‘bride to be’ in these 10 surprising ways

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

A new beginning

Hey, all the bridesmaids out there..excited about the new beginning of your lovely bride to be? Then let us tell you how to pamper your lovely bride, which will leave her overwhelmed & full of joy.

Ultimate bachelorette

Planning an ultimate bachelorette party and vacay for their bestie is the dream of many bridesmaids. You can opt for a destination vacation just with your girlfriends before the big day.

Diet check

No matter how much they die for delicious food, but every girl becomes health conscious when it comes to her big day. Keep their diet plan in check and feed them healthy & nutritious.


Help your bride to relax a bit, it will matter the world to her. It takes so much to prepare for a wedding and organize everything. Your small surprise will make her day & keep her stress-free.

Movie night/Road trip

You can opt for either or both depending on your schedule. She might have chosen someone to spend her life, but at present she will only carve for her besties presence and time.

Spa session

She must be looking forward to get all dolled up but tight schedules & rituals might be holding her back, gift her a full spa package and watch her get an instant glow on her face.

Let brands do the talking

If you are confused about gifts, then simply buy some dress, accessories, or shoes from her fav brand, and you will never regret. You can also give a gift hamper or something from her wishlist.

Quality time with bae

Due to their packed schedule, bride & groom hardly make time for each other, in that case planning a quality time or romantic dinner for the couple will leave her overwhelmed.


Many fails to understand, but girl’s sleepovers are the most essential part. Isn’t it obvious to feel a little worried before the marriage, so this is the magic therapy to calm her down.

DIY gifts

Your efforts speak louder than any gifts in the world. If possible collect all your memories together in a DIY photobook we bet she will preserve it for the eternity.

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