7 K-pop idols and celebs exempted from military services & why

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Ten (NCT)

Ten has experienced severe knee pain his entire life, to the point that he required surgery in 2017 and thus was exempted from Korean military services.

Bam Bam Got 7

BamBam ultimately received an exemption from military service as a result of the number of volunteers who filled the open positions

Park Hae Jin

K-drama actor Park Hae Jin popularly known from the ‘my love from the star’ was exempted from the military as he suffered from severe depression.

Jung Ki Suck

Popular Korean rapper Jung Ki Suck aka Simon Dominic damaged his eye in childhood in an accident and that’s why was exempted from the military services.

Seo In Guk

Cafe Minamdang actor Seo In Guk actually enrolled in the military service however days after joining it was found that he has a joint condition Osteochondritis dissecans & was exempted.

Kim Woo Bin

In 2017, Kim Woo Bin received a diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer which served as the reason for his military exemption.

Son Heung Min

Heung Min was the part of football team who bought gold for the country in Asian games, as per the law Military services are exempted for those who bring gold in Asain Games

Why BTS has to serve in Military

BTS despite having every reason to stay was left with no options other than to abide by the laws as they didn't fit in any exemption criteria, however a Grammy win might have changed the game.

BTS to comeback in 2025

Jin would be the first member to enroll in the Military followed by Suga, Hobi, RM, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. BTS will make a comeback in 2025.

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