7 proven facts that K-dramas promote mental health | Oxford study

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Are K-dramas good for mental health

While the topic has always remained debatable there are various research and studies which proves that K-dramas have a healthy effect on mind and can be used to cure depression

Advantages of watching K-drama

Research claims The one thing that links all K-dramas, regardless of genre, is how each can teach you and aid in your growth and learning.

K-dramas are effective stress releaser

According to research, Asian Americans of all languages and ethnic backgrounds favorably regard K-dramas and often see it as an effective tool to relieve stress

K-dramas help learn and grow

According to research, Korean dramas can be a viable and fruitful medium for educating people about delicate and difficult subjects like mental health, gender stereotypes etc

Positive effects of k-dramas

Relationships of hate turned love unions shown in K-dramas can help get past our trust issues by letting our connection develop into a passionate romance over time.

K-drama helps increasing Flow

In particular, watching Korean dramas about relatable well-being encourages viewers to become fully present in the moment thus boosting dopamine level

Strikes chord with audience

In K-dramas, the similarity of the characters and their situations frequently touches a nerve. The most profound joy comes from anticipating the unimaginable.

K-dramas focusing on mental health

Its Okay to not be Okay, Hometown cha cha cha, Reply1988, Our beloved summer, Move to heaven, 18 Again

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