8 points which made MC Stan the winner of BB16 beating Priyanka & Shiv

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava 2023-02-13,11:16:24 entertainment

Bigg Boss 16 winner

MC Stan, the underground rapper has recently been crowned as the winner of Bigg Boss 16, he was definitely an unexpected winner, so here are the points which made him the BB 16 king.


Pure heart

MC Stan is known to have the purest heart among all, even the journalists and fans quote him as one of the most genuine people in the house, who plays with his heart.


Stan’s consistency

MC Stan ever since he entered the show has maintained a consistency in his game, whether it was completing his task or showing interest in everyday chores.


The entertainment tadka

Stan, who previously enjoyed a cult following, managed to garner such a huge fan base owing to his entertaining skills and the Rapp factor he used.

MC Stan’s famous slangs

Stan and his slangs went real viral among his fans specially ‘Shemdi’. Remember the time he called Priyanka during a fight with her.

The unbreakable Mandali

Mandali the group formed by Sajid Khan remained unbreakable till the very end,the unity between Sajid, Stan, Shiv Thakre and Abdu Rozik won many hearts.

Fans unwavering support

MC Stan carved his own niche in the television entertainment industry, his fan base kept growing without seeing a single decline during the show.

His Emotional journey

As fun as he was during the show, he showed his emotional side too. People actually felt connected to him and thus his unexpected win.

Bigg Boss changes history

This is probably for the first time in many years, the Bigg Boss declared an unexpected winner.

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