8 Time BTS members got surrounded by controversies; V smoking to RM hickey

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-17,14:52:36

BTS members and the controversy

There are time when our favorite K-pop group BTS gets surrounded by controversies which made it to the headlines, here are few

Kim Seokjin’s condom controversy

Back in 2014, the oldest Jin was surrounded by controversies after a condom box was spotted in his room & the rest is history, later Big Hit refuted the rumors saying it was a fan gift.

BTS and the chart manipulation rumors

It was time when BTS outsold groups like Bigbang in album sales and few K-netizens pointed the group for chart manipulation, the accusation got settled watching the huge global fandom of BTS

Death threats to RM

Once RM in an interview mentioned that in their early days he couldn’t see V & hobi properly because they were too black, the statement caused uproar leading to racist remarks and death threats

Misogynist lyrics

BTS 2014 album ‘War of hormone’ faced backlashes for using misogynist lyrics, similarly Suga and RM were accused of using misogynistic lyrics in their songs

Jungkook outing with 97 liners

Jungkook landed himself in the controversy for not practicing social distancing. He was spotted hanging out with the 97 liners in a club in Itaewon in 2020 while the pandemic was at peak

Taehyung smoking outside Grammy

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung was spotted smoking outside Grammy awards premises in 2022, the twitter was soon divided over the alleged picture leak

Kim Namjoon hickey

Namjoon recently went live on weeverse where the eagle eyed ARMY spotted his neck bruise, and although RM clarified it was because of Crossfit, hickey started trending on social media

Taehyung and Jennie

Back in 2022 many pictures surfaced fueling the love relationship of Blackpink Jennie and BTS V however none of them ever got a confirmation from respective agencies or K-pop idol themselves.

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