9 best BTS Fan fictions to read on Wattpad; KTH to Taekook love maze

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-26,15:16:20 entertainment

His unhealthy obsession-Jungkook

Based on Jungkook as protagonist, his unhealthy obsession is voted the most by Jungkook stans on wattpad

Rivals- Jungkook

Another most read BTS fanfiction on BTS is Rivals, also starring Jungkook as the protagonist

Love Maze- Taekook

Love Maze is yet another beautifully written fan fiction one can find on Wattpad of you are a fan of Taekook

Wrong Number- Jungkook

Text messages between a girl who hates labels and a boy who is known as the hottest man alive lays the foundation of the story

Neighbour- Min Yoongi

With over 6M plus views Neighbour is one of the most read BTS fanfiction on wattpad with Suga as the protagonist

Mafia- Park Jimin

One of the most famous Fan fic series on Wattpad is the mafia love story and Jimin’s MAFIA fanfiction is one of the most voted

Secret Agent- Jhope

Secret Agent is a beautiful fanfiction for the fans of J-hope here Y/N is the younger sister of Namjoon

Touring- Namjoon

Namjoon has quite a hot shot list on Wattpad, however Touring grabs the most attention as its thrilling, mysterious with a much K-drama like plot

Arranged marriage/Cooking love- Kim Seokjin

Watching Jin’s passion for cooking and the way how much he is a perfect husband material These two fan fictions of him has received the most vote

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