9 boldest & fearless female K-pop idols

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment


Up first is the OG Jessi,, known as one of the fearless, savage and boldest K-pop idols in the industry.

Mamamoo Hwa Sa

If you like to groove on the song ‘Maria’ just know it was a powerful comeback of queen Hwa sa who dealt with the brutal beauty standards of South Korea.

Nine Muses HyunA

HyunA didn't avoid the subject of sexuality in her work that too during her solo debut when talking about such topics was still a taboo.


Being a female artist, CL has undoubtedly defied the odds. Her music is strong, enduring, and brave.

Blackpink Lisa

One of the most powerful singers and rappers of the present day K-pop industry, Blackpink Lisa has undoubtedly taken the world of singing by storm.


Be it clever playing with the Korean title of the song or releasing a power anthem, the ex wonder girls member is surely one of the most savage female K-pop idols.

Yoon Mirae

Yoon Mirae brought a wave of hip hop genre in South Korea like nobody else, she acquired one of the fastest English and Korean delivery skills.

Mamamoo Moonbyul

Mamamoo has a unique style of defining femininity, Moonbyul often performs in trousers and suits by establishing a space for women to look awesome without adhering to beauty standards.


South Korean pop singer, dancer, and choreographer Chungha is a member of MNH Entertainment and currently one of the most popular K-pop idols in South Korea.

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