Aamir Khan drastic weight loss transformation secret- Fat to fit journey

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-03-14,11:44:59 entertainment

Aamir Khan made headlines for losing 27 Kgs during Dangal, here is how

Aamir Khan weight loss transformation

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is known for everything in order whether it's health or movies. During Dangal he gained and lost 27 kgs straight

Aamir Khan weight loss

The actor shared his before and after pic from Dangal and left the fans dumbstruck. In order to gain weight and the stomach of a guy in his fifties, Aamir consumed a lot of foods high in fat and carb

How much weight did Aamir Khan shed?

By the time Dangal ended Aamir weighed 97 kgs he reportedly shed 27 Kgs to gain back his normal weight

Aamir Khan weight loss diet

Aamir revealed consuming 1500 calories per day with 7-8 hrs of workout. He used to have balance diet and a lunch exactly at 12 PM post trekking for 3hrs on the mountains

Aamir Khan weight loss workout regime

Aamir leveled up his physical activities for up to 6 hours. It included cycling, trekking and Tennis alongside muscle building training

Aamir Khan weight loss diet secret

In an interview Aamir advised Giving oneself five minutes to resist the urge to eat. If you are really tempted, have some water and if you wanna break your diet try eating something sensible

Sleep is important

Not only workout and diet but taking a nap of proper 10-12 hours also aided Aamir in losing significant weight

Set daily goals

Instead of waking up confused, set daily goals and follow the schedule, this will help you understand your body better

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