Kriti Sanon Traditional and Elegant Looks Proves She is Perfect For Sita Mata Ro

WRITTEN BY Ayushee Joshi2023-05-10,12:53:18 entertainment

The Silver Myth

Kriti Sanon in a silver Saree is the perfect look to die for


The Ethnic Elegance

Kriti Sanon has that elegant look to her, that separates her from the rest


The Pretty Pink

Kriti Sanon and pink is the perfect combination


The Ravishing Royal

Be it the beautiful gowns or the traditionally royal sarees, Kriti Sanon slays in all


The Embroidered Gold

The pleasing gold and the pretty face are the best to keep you smiling throught out the day


The Beauty Of Ghunghat

This bride to be look of Kriti Sanon is the reason why she is the dream girl of every man


The Pink Perfection

Kriti Sanon and gown equals the ultimate beauty goals


The Red Saree

No words in the world can explain the beautiful combination of Kriti Sanon and red saree


The Dim Gold

The ethnic royal gold look adds more allure to Kriti Sanon and her smile

The Saree Charm

In conclusion, Kriti Sanon and her traditional looks proves that she is the perfect match for the Sita Mata role


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