Ayushmann Khurrana hottest beard style & lessons every man should take

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Ayushmann Khurrana

That one hottie in the town whose social media is followed equally by both men and women for different reasons, while he is a heartthrob he is also the style icon. Here is 5 beard style to look upto

Ayushmann beard lessons

Keep your beard understated and well-trimmed if you're going to an official event or meeting.

Well groomed

You are the person best to judge what beard look suits you, & if it’s a photoshoot style your look which reflects the best of you.

hot & messy

If you only knew how a beard manages to stay hot while it's messy, there is nothing hotter than it!

Loved his Anek look?

The unkempt look and jarring haircut only enhance the rough charm he was attempting to convey. His beard's abrupt transition to his sideburns is also dope.

5’O clock shadow

This beard style is a nice middle ground between a clean-shaven look and a short beard look. For males who can’t decide what to go for.

Brush it in the same direction

In order for your beard to have the optimum visual impact on your face, you should trim any stray hairs and excessively long beards.

Define neckline

Use a razor or a beard trimmer with a razor-sharp edge to define your neckline.

Trend starts from you

Avoid following the beard trend. Keep an eye on your face and adjust your beard style as necessary.

Happy Birthday Ayushmann Khurrana

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