Rapper Badshah Solid Body transformation secret-Fat to fit journey

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-03-10,13:11:45 entertainment

Rapper Badshah weight loss journey

The Jungu crooner rapper Badshah recently shocked the internet with his drastic weight loss transformation


Badshah weight now & then

The rapper who used to weigh over 85 Kgs was seen flaunting his washboard abs in recent social media kick, fans are in disbelief


Badshah fat to fit journey

He disclosed his struggle with weight loss, mentioned his lack of stage flair, and experience with clinical depression and anxiety disorders.


Badshah weight loss

Badshah claimed that he began losing weight gradually rather than by starving himself and attributed it to switching to nutritious foods like salad

Lifestyle change

Other than changing his regular diet to a balanced meal, Badshah also made several lifestyle changes, when you discipline your life problems starts getting solved itself

Weight training

A major part of Badhshah’s weight loss regime goes to weight training which is often mistaken for just a muscle building regime

Benefits of Weight training

Weight training can improve flexibility alongside boosting body metabolism and can result in stronger bones

Healthy heart

These days heart attack has become a common problem in Young people and is claiming so many lives, weight training can also lead to a healthy heart by blood circulation

Badshah diet plan

Raw fruits, veggies, and nuts are the ingredients of salads. They should be consumed during the day because they are low in calories.

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