Bands who went into indefinite Hiatus; Comebacks & Yet to come back

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava

One direction

1D was on the top of their career when the group member Zayn Malik decided to quit, in 2016 the band decided to go on a hiatus & while fans kept waiting they struggled making a comeback.

fifth Harmony

When Camila Cabello bid her goodbye in 2016, the band's core began to collapse. In 2018, they announced a hiatus so that the remaining members can also pursue solo careers.


Legendary '90s hip hop pair went on hiatus in 2007 & despite reuniting in 2014 for Coachella Festival, no new music was released. Andre 3000 and Big Boi both made it through the hiatus.


In 2009, the band reunited for a reunion tour after Tom DeLonge announced he was done with the band and issued a

Big time rush

In order to pursue solo careers, the band announced an indefinite break in 2013. The members have all been busy pursuing their own paths since then.


The success of Justin Timberlake as a solo artist may have overshadowed NSYNC. In 2002, took a hiatus. Since then, they reunited multiple times but no new music has been released.

Backstreet boys

Guys have taken several hiatuses over the years to pursue solo projects.The band is still working on various projects and kicking off concerts and world tours together.

Destiny’s child

Destiny's Child, the group that gifted usBeyoncé, disbanded in 2006. Knowles, Kelly, and Michelle reunited for the 2013 and 2018 performances,however we have yet to receive the new song.


The new to join the list is the K-pop sensation Bangtan Soneyondan, after ruling the music industry for consecutive years the group decided to focus on solo career & make a comeback soon.

BTS label HYBE STOCK saw a downfall by 25% following Hiatus announcement