Beauty and skincare tips from Korean Celebrities

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4-2-4 cleansing routine-Bae Suzy

Start-up lead actress swears by the 4-2-4 cleansing method which includes a four-part skincare ritual i.e 4 mins of removing makeup, 2 mins of foam cleanser and 4 mins of rinsing with lukewarm water

Swearing on Sunscreen- Nam Joo-hyuk

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo star never forgets sunscreen especially during outdoor filming. It protects skin from harmful UV rays outdoors.

Youthful glow with Moisturizer- Hyun Bin

Crash Landing on You lead keeps his skin well-moisturized. His fav. Products have hyaluronic acid and ceramide, which helps in retaining the moisture of your skin.

Get the skincare diet- Son Ye-jin

The Crash Landing on You actress believes in keeping the natural beauty by treating herself with good food filled with nutrients and water.

Get on the sheet mask - Park Seo-joon

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?Lead points out his age defying glow by treating his face to one sheet mask per day.

DIY face masks- Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-kyo likes her DIY at home masks for the glow. She blends a spoonful of powdered milk, honey, and one raw egg white and applies it on her face every two weeks.

Milk as face wash- Song Joong-ki

Our Mafia king Vincenzo holds his skincare secret in milk. He uses milk to cleanse his face every night.

Hydration is the key- IU

Singer-songwriter IU drinks four liters of water over the course of a day for a glowing and clear skin.

Traveling Secret- Kim Taehyung from BTS

‘Dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much’ when he travels to stay fresh and hydrated.

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