BTS songs for relaxing spring nights & reason why

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BTS relaxing songs

Taking a walk alone on a calming spring night? Here are few suggestion from BTS members which can make your mind relax and take away all your stress

Spring Day

The soothing song came out in 2017 for their album you never walk alone. The song was dedicated to the Sewol ferry disaster, the tragic accident in which hundreds of lives were lost.


Crooned by the maknae of the group Jungkook the song has a separate fan following for it’s amazing lyrics and calming voice.

Christmas tree

The recently released Christmas tree by Kim Taehyung for the K-drama ‘Our beloved summer’ has broken several records and is ruling Spotify’s chart.


This song by Jimin was written during the love yourself era which has a very deep meaning and his angelic voice has given all good reasons to add it in your playlist.


While many don’t know Heartbeat is considered as a secret love letter for ARMY’s by the band. In the whole song they talked about how much they want their fans to love them.



Whenever you feel low and need motivation , trust ARMY’s the oldest Jin’s voice can do magic. His song dedicated towards loving oneself is a masterpiece.



This song was something very personal to Taehyung who wrote it while some said it was for his siblings, others mentioned his grandmother.


Young Forever

Even the band themselves got emotional when they heard their purple ocean singing the song out loud in sync during one of their concerts.


Make it right

This was a collaboration with Lavu. This song can actually make your mood right.



This song again was dedicated to ARMY’s where the boys mentioned they are not 7 as they have millions of fans behind them & that’s why they are Bulletproof.


Still with you

One of the most underrated yet most beautiful songs crooned by the maknae of the band.


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