Best K-dramas to watch on Rakuten Viki in 2022

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The fact that this current zombie thriller is one of the few to mention the COVID-19 epidemic is just the first of many surprises you can expect at every turn.

The smile has left your eyes

Yoo Jin Kook is a veteran murder investigator who is getting tired of his job until he is given a mysterious homicide case to investigate.

Dali and Cocky prince

Kim Dal Ri fights to keep the art institution owned by her family from going bankrupt, J in Moo Hak, who is an illiterate businessman helps her and they start dating.

Welcome to waikiki season 2

A story about friendships, love, and hopes of Lee Joon Ki, an outcast actor, and the buddies at his

Meow the secret boy

Sol Ah, a graphic designer, has always had a love-hate connection with cats, But when Sol Ah brings a friendly cat home it turns out that this isn't just any old cat, it can take human form too.

Just between the lovers

Also known as rain or shine narrates the story of two building collapse survivors who lost their family members in the accident.

Doom at your service

A fantasy K-drama. a woman with a brain tumor who has been given less than 100 days to live. The devastation himself appears as she cries out for the end of the world.

So I married an anti fan

So far the best K-drama. At the launch of a new nightclub, superstar Hoo Joon meets his match in feisty magazine writer Lee Geun Young.

Fix You

A psychiatrist who is committed to his patients' wellbeing will go to any lengths to aid in their emotional recovery


This particular series is the fourth-highest-rated Korean drama of all time. The magical love tale is about a modern goblin who needs Kim Go Eun as his human wife in order to end his cursed immortalit

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