10 Most iconic hairstyle of Kim Taehyung

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-04-22,11:12:20

Bowl Cut

When V debuted with BTS his pretty clean Bowl Cut with crimson streaks in The most beautiful moment in life pt. 2 was everything we can simp over

Locks and curl

Taehyung in his black lock and curl era is a perfect boyfriend material, argue if you can

Blonde Taehyung

Blonde BTS members are always a delight to see but Blonde Taehyung can sure do take your breath away


It was the The Fake Love era and Kim Taehyung made sure to drop perfect thirst traps for army in his black mullet hairstyle

The iconic blue

While V in his career has rocked many hair colors, his most playful avatar dropped during the Boy With luv era when he rocked the color blue

Straight and bangs

Yes the hottest winter mafia look we got from V was from his straight hair with full of bangs and its hard to forget

Wave locks

The soft boy era of Taehyung where he went caramel and rocked the wavy hairstyle with those pretty eyes

Dense curl & fluff

Many would hesitate to experiment the dense curl hairstyle but seems like tae tae had full confidence being the visual and he truly rocked it

Blonde mullet

When Taehyung exuded Disney prince charm at virtual Daesang winning speech at the 2020

The celine boy

We are short of words but CELINE got his brand ambassador the best they can do

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