Blackpink Jisoo skincare & beauty secrets for glass skin

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Blackpink Jisoo

Jisoo the member of one of the biggest all girl K-pop bands Blackpink is one of the most beautiful K-pop idols in the world, being the face of Dior the diva maintains her flawless skin.

Blackpink Jisoo skin type

During an interview Jisoo accepted that she has dry skin because of which she spends plenty of time moiturising her skin.

Sheet Mask to rescue

Kim Jisoo swears by the sheet mask, she applies sheet mask twice a day and sometimes it can go three times as well.

Which sheet mask Jisoo uses?

She enjoys wearing the Lush Mask of Magnaminty and the Moonshot Muse Secret Mask.

Jisoo favorite lip balm

Jisoo once revealed what are the go to makeup looks of Blackpink members and said she uses Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Vaseline Repairing Jelly, and Rosebud Salve Tin.

Jisoo’s anti-aging and whitening product

Avene Gentle Toning Lotion, Hada Labo Arbudin Whitening Lotion, and J.ONE Jelly Pack are among the items the Blackpink member uses for anti-aging and whitening.

Kim Jisoo favorite hand cream

When it comes to hand cream Jisoo uses ‘Get it beauty’ from the brand called L'Occitane.

Diet is equally important

Blackpink members are the big advocate of eating healthy and drinking loads of water along with detox juices.

Jisoo go to makeup looks

Jisoo almost always wears a natural and modest amount of makeup. Except for mascara, a little blush, and some lipstick, it doesn't appears that she is wearing a lot of heavy products

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