Blackpink diet & workout routine

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The 4 member girl band from south Korea are not only famous for beauties but also for their impressive figures which takes quite an effort to balance

Blackpink jennie diet chart

Eating healthy foods, such as an avocado salad and detox juices, is the secret to adopting Jennie's diet plan. She avoids salt in her diet in order to keep up her shape.

Blackpink Jennie workout

Jennie instead of sweating in the gym a lot chooses flying Yoga and pilates for her daily workout regime, it is also essential in losing calories.

Blackpink Lisa diet chart

Apparently Lisa doesn’t follow any diet chart. She is one of those K-pop idols who needs to gain weight instead of losing, however she never forgets consuming detox juice.

Blackpink lisa workout

Lisa doesn't have a particular workout regimen besides dancing. To keep her physique in the optimal form, she enjoys boxing and pilates.

Blackpink jisoo diet chart

Opposite to Lisa, Jisoo often gains a lot of weight,Jisoo said that eating small portions is one of her diet strategies for maintaining her weight.

Blackpink Jisoo workout

She practices a lot of dance moves and unlike other members she does not like going to gym and thereby her schedule always remains full with dance practices.

Blackpink Rose diet chart

Rosé acknowledges that while she can eat anything, fruits and vegetables are the healthiest, She enjoys eating veggies like carrots and bell peppers.

Blackpink rose workout

Use usually prefers Pilates workout more than any other, pilates helps the body's core in stabilizing and maintaining excellent posture

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