Brahmastra: A guide to 7 major astras in the astraverse

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment


Part one Shiva is soon to debut on the big screen, will be the first time when a real concept from our history, driven scientifically will highlight the origin of the earth.


A hidden entity called the Brahmnsh, who have preserved numerous divine Astras(weapons) constructed in ancient India, make up the Astraverse.


One gains the strength of a divine monkey according to vanarastra.

Nandi Astra

A person may receive the strength of 1,000 bulls from the Nandi astra.


Prabha means Light or Kiran in Hindi, in the astraverse Prabhastra is a Sword of light held by the Guru

Jalastra & Agniastra

Jalastra defines the power of jal (water) and Agniastra (fire) Early rumors state that Deepika Padukone might do the cameo role of Jal devi.

Pawan astra

Pawan astra is the power of air. The whole concept of astraverse comes from the energies which guide the earth- nature, Air, water, fire and wind but the most powerful is ‘Brahmastra’.


The Brahm-Shakti, however, is what gives birth to the Astras, and it is known as the Brahmastra, which contains the essence of all weapons.

Shiva the protagonist

The movie's protagonist, Ranbir Kapoor, is a young man who has yet to realise that, as an Astra, he is a wonder in this world of astras.

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