BTS meets President Joe Biden major highlights of the speech

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BTS at the white house

The South Korean Boy band created history after meeting President Joe Biden in the Oval Office to discuss the rise of Asian hate crimes in the US.


“It's an honour to be welcomed to the White House today to discuss the important subject of anti-Asian hate crimes, as well as Asian inclusion and diversity.”


“The AANHPI Heritage Month comes to a close today. We've joined the White House to show our support for the AANHPI community and to celebrate.”


“The recent surge in hate crimes, particularly targeting Asian-Americans, has left us heartbroken. We'd like to take this chance to express ourselves once more to put an end to this”.


“Everyone has their own history.We hope today is one step forward to respecting and understanding each and every one as a valuable person


“We are here today thanks to our ARMY, our worldwide fans of many ethnicities, cultures, and languages. We are eternally grateful.”


“We're still surprised that South Korean musicians' music reaches so many people all around the world, despite linguistic and cultural hurdles. music is an awesome & great unifier of all things”


“It's not wrong to be different; perhaps equality begins when we embrace all of our diversity.

Love Yourself

BTS has also led the 'LOVE YOURSELF' campaign, which works with UNICEF to raise awareness about violence and spoke at UN general assembly thrice

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