J-hope off to military OT7 bids farewell

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-04-18,12:37:47 entertainment

BTS J-hope is off to serving his military duties

J-hope shared his buzz cut style to army before leaving

As he leaves quietly, it started pouring in Seoul

It feels like even the universe is crying watching the sunshine go

The OT7 reunited to bid their farewell to Hoseok

And recreated the same pose as they did with Jin while he was leaving

Before going Hobi made a request to his fans to not come at base camp

Since morning the BTS rapper is trending #1 on Twitter

J-hope is the second BTS member to join military post Jin

Suga will reportedly be the third and enroll in public sector because of injury

K-pop idols nominated for Most Handsome man list 2023