BTS Jimin’s basic skincare routine to combat dryness

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-01-16,13:35:10 entertainment

BTS Jimin

BTS member Park Jimin is all set to release his solo album post BTS announcement to join the military. Here is Jimin’s guide to combat face dryness.


Jimin skincare routine

Out of all the BTS members, Jimin’s skincare is the most basic and easily achievable at home, all you need to have is a balance and a routine to follow.


Jimin skincare products

According to a media outlet, Jimin utilizes the CICA Cream, CICA Essence SunScreen, and CICA Spot Patch from the brand.


Cut down the stress

Jimin once stated and even asked ARMY to cut down on their stress and that’s the first step towards loving yourself so that you can glow internally.


Under eye care

Jimin is known to diligently follow his night routine which involves washing his face before going to bed. Every night, he uses eye cream.


Toner & facemask

Jimin uses toner every morning to clean the skin and tighten the pores and emphasizes the importance of it. The K-pop idol swears by the use of a face mask to combat face dryness.


Sleep and exercise

Jimin is the one member who doesn’t compromise with his sleep in order to maintain the skin’s glow he also emphasizes on sweating out either by dancing or exercising.



In order to avoid the dry skin, Jimin drinks plenty of water everyday. The K-pop idol has mentioned this quite a lot of times during V live or weeverse and even suggested ARMY to do it.


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