BTS Jungkook Me, Myself and Jung Kook-Time difference Photofolio

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Me, Myself & Jung Kook- Time Difference' here's the first Special 8 Photo-Folio.

Jungkook in frilly top is just heavenly

Jungkook is wearing a ruffled shirt and sporting flawlessly messy hair.

Special mention to his drool worthy piercings

Jungkook’s photo folio concept tells the story of man who turns vampire

Vampire diaries vibes enough, he can produce a whole new show

If you thought the other images were hot and spicy, wait till you see what's nex

Jungkook stans might have a hard day digesting these photos

members intend to release their own Photo-Folios, with Jungkook's being Powerful

Marvel & DC Characters inspired from Hindu gods